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Multigenerational team meeting

Age and Anti-Ageism

Ageism is one of the most prevalent forms of prejudice that can exist in the workplace because it often happens subtly or is embedded into the business culture. The effects of ageism can also become compounded for employees if companies lack formal structures or policies to challenge ageism

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Many "jokes" based on age, along with other age-based stereotypes, stem from long-standing societal beliefs and assumptions, so they can be tricky to challenge or even notice. This is problematic, however, because stereotypes deny opportunities and reinforce negative behaviour towards the targeted groups. Therefore, challenging them is incredibly important. 

Not only should tackling ageism be a high priority for businesses to create inclusion and belonging for their employees, but many studies have demonstrated how promoting an age-inclusive workforce can create:

  • Increased productivity

  • Multi-skilled teams

  • A stronger talent pipeline

  • Better retention of experience and know-how

  • Greater diversity of skills and perspectives

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At ProAge, we are passionate about providing company leaders with the knowledge and tools they need to challenge ageism in the workplace. 

Therefore, we have created a 90-minute online workshop for up to 30 attendees that can be tailored to your organisation. It will provide participants with:

  • The ability to define ageism

  • A greater understanding of how ageism affects the individual and others around them

  • An action plan to create a more age-inclusive workplace

  • Policies and processes about ageism that everyone at work can refer to ensure that change takes place. 



For a bespoke offer please contact

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