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Our library of practical ‘How to’ downloads have been informed by insight and research. We hope that you find them useful. If you have any suggestions for additional topics about age-inclusion and multi-generational teams, or practical toolkits, get in touch:

"Smart teams will do amazing things, but truly diverse teams will do impossible things.”
Claudia Brind-Woody.

7 steps to Improving your Age-inclusive culture

The purpose of this ProAge How to guide is to share insights and 7 steps to help decision makers to improve the age-inclusion culture of your organisation. Having a great reputation for being a terrific place to work – is one of the greatest assets an organisation can have to attract and retain employees.

Improving your age-inclusive culture

The ProAge How to guide ‘Improving your age-inclusive culture’ shares practical tips about the best way to do this, and sample questions that you can adapt for your own employee survey. 

How Flexible working can help attract and retain older workers

This ProAge ‘How to’ guide about Flexible Working offers insights and practical tips about how flexible working can help to retain and attract talent, especially those over 50.

ProAge research and anecdotal insights suggest that the ability to work flexibly is a critical tool in attracting and retaining older workers.

Retaining older talent

The ProAge How to guide ‘Retaining older talent’ shares the benefits of retaining older talent to organisations and practical tips to do so, encompassing wellbeing, finance, training and development and other topics.  

Retaining Over 50s talent

This ProAge ‘How to’ guide ‘Retaining over 50s talent’ offers insights and practical tips to prevent years of knowledge and know-how leaving with the experienced employees that hold it. Retaining talent required frank and safe conversations from all concerned.

How to start an Employee Resource Group (ERG) at your organisation

This ProAge ‘How To’ guide offers insights and tips about how to start an Employee Resource Group (ERG) at your organisation.

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