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Eclectic individualism

Every human being is completely unique. Isn’t that incredible?

We all have different backgrounds, skills, experience, knowledge, types of intelligence, personalities, ethnic origin, ages etc.

This means that collectively we can achieve more than we could possibly do by ourselves individually. Collective individualism.

Why is this useful?

Why are teams useful?

Because a group of people – a team, working in the right culture and supervised by good managers and leaders can achieve amazing things.

Different perspectives = better problem solving, more rounded innovation and collective energy that if harnessed and directed enables the pursuit and achievement of a compelling goal – wow! Diversity of thought not ‘group think.’

The world and business has some challenging problems to tackle: climate change, rising cost of living, more competition, wealth polarisation to name just a few.

Age-Inclusion and multi-generational teams enable organisations to maximise their productivity and performance.

But only if they have age-inclusive managers and leaders committed and trained to liberate the talents of everyone, to not ‘pull rank’, to leave their egos at the door, to listen and welcome the views, ideas and feedback of everyone. Whatever their age, whatever their educational background whatever their life experience.

Problems are opportunities.

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