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Our Purpose and Mission

ProAge is a charity whose mission is to equip managers and leaders in organisations with age-inclusion intelligence, both insights and practical how to’s.


Enabling a multi-generational workplace and age-inclusive culture where all generations, everyone, whatever their age, feel valued and contribute. Working together successfully, helping to drive the organisation’s performance forward.


ProAge was set up in September 2021, and has its roots in an organisation called The Leadership Trust which was established in 1979.


We have a long legacy and passion supporting managers and leaders to be the best that they can be and bring out the best of all their people, whatever their age.


The purpose of ProAge and this web site is sharing:

  • Insights to inspire and build a business case

  • A toolbox of practical ‘How tos’

  • Case studies to share best practice


Everyone gets older, and people from ALL generations have a contribution to make to your organisation, whether 17 or 70.


The key is working out how and changing out of date processes, policies, practices and beliefs.


How can ProAge support you?


What’s the opportunity cost of not employing older workers and being age-inclusive with an aging population and staff shortages, many business critical?


Risks of not making this a priority include:

  • Loss of competitive advantage

  • A weakened employer brand

  • Reputational attrition  

  • Wasted budgets


No organisation can afford these.


ProAge can help you. Get in touch for a confidential no-obligation meeting. Thanks!

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