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Exploring Intersectionality:
How Ageism and Sexism Interact 

In the modern day workforce, teams are becoming increasingly age diverse. This, paired with a greater focus on workplace gender equality means that issues of ageism and sexism must be addressed and tackled as corresponding matters. 

Looking at the areas in which ageism and sexism interact requires us to explore the ways stereotypes and biases can be detrimental to a positive work environment, and consider what proactive steps can be taken to ensure they are dismantled. In order to achieve optimum team efficiency, it is essential that all employees have equal contributions, regardless of age or gender. 

In an exciting new collaboration, we at ProAge have teamed up with gender equality author and specialist Virginia Mendez, to deliver an informative, 90 minute workshop for up to 30 team members.

The outcomes will be:

  • Enhanced team effectiveness by embracing and understanding a diverse range of perspectives and contributions. 

  • Stereotypes and preconceptions related to age and gender will be addressed and unpacked. 

  • Increased team inclusivity and belonging amongst team members.

  • Established support systems by addressing workplace difficulties related to age, gender and the ways they interact. 

For a bespoke offer, please contact us at

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