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Research and Thought Leadership

Pioneering age-inclusion in the workplace can be challenging, so we will be regularly updating this page with fresh research and thought-provoking content to keep you inspired.

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Watch our CEO Mike Mansfield chair a panel with The Geneva Association, where thought leaders discuss the impact that demographic change is having on the way we are living, working and consuming. 

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Tatiana Rowson and our CEO Mike Mansfield collaborated on this article to share what organisations can do to prevent people from different generations from feeling marginalised in the workplace, along with some recommendations on how to become an age friendly employer. 

This article first appeared in the Centre for Brexit Studies blog at Birmingham City University, written by Associate Professor Beverley Nielsen. In response to the Spring Budget, Nielsen draws from a range of research to demonstrate why age-inclusion in the workplace is necessary, with advice for employers and policy makers too.

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