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Today, there are five generations in the workforce. This age diversity offers companies new perspectives and opportunities, but also brings challenges in managing multigenerational teams. ProAge can help you understand where you are on your journey to being an age-inclusive employer and provide you with the tools and training to empower and engage your staff. 

Our Services

Our workshops and courses provide you with an opportunity to learn how age-inclusion and building multigenerational teams fits into your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy whilst also improving staff retention and engagement. 

Age Inclusion Audit

Our Age-Inclusion Audit gives you a starting point to work out where you are and what is next. Facts and insights inform your decisions and priorities, helping you on the road to becoming an age-inclusive employer.

We partner with companies and organisations to bring you insights on how age-inclusion can benefit your business.

Workers of different ages have different perspectives based on their life-stage, personal and business experience. 


Discover the advantages of a diverse age workforce in our resources. Learn how to attract and keep experienced talent with our helpful tips. These downloadable resources are great conversation starters .

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