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Leadership & Training

CPD Member

ProAge offers training and a range of workshops on topics such as leading and managing multigenerational teams and the impact of ageism. Our training sessions are offered on-line, in person and off-site and can be tailored to your team's specific needs. 

Senior Businessman

Attending this two day retreat will help companies to improve employee retention by empowering managers to have open and progressive career development conversations with their older employees. The outcomes will be:

  • Stronger connection between manager and employee.

  • Better alignment of personal, developmental and corporate goals.

  • Higher employee engagement.

  • Higher staff retention.

Our online workshops for up to 30 team members will help participants:

  • Define what ageism is.

  • Explain how ageism impacts them individually and others they work with.

  • Describe what we can work on together to create a more age-inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive.

CPD Certificate

Our online workshop for up to 30 team members will help participants:

  • Understand why their team is stronger because of age diversity.

  • Break down preconceptions and stereotypes related to age.

  • Improve team effectiveness and create a sense of inclusion.

This 90 minute online workshop designed for up to 30 team members will help participants:

  • Understand how ageism and sexism interact in the workplace. 

  • Dispel age and gender stereotypes and biases. 

  • Enhance team effectiveness build support systems and an inclusive work environment. 

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Let's Work Together

“We need diversity of thought in the world to face the new challenges.”

Tim Berners-Lee - Computer Scientist and inventor of the World Wide Web

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