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Learning From Each Other:
The Power of Multigenerational Teams

Working in multigenerational teams can be a wonderful

opportunity to share knowledge learned from different

experiences in life and work. Age diverse teams can also

be a great benefit to companies commercially in how they

interact with clients and internally in how they create highly

effective and productive teams.

However, preconceptions about how people from different

generations may act can prevent us from working and communicating effectively together. Breaking down these stereotypes will help to strengthen your team and bridge an understanding of the value that each member can bring to table.

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At ProAge we have created an online workshop for up to 30 team members, where employees will learn why multigenerational teams perform better and are more resilient than teams that are less age diverse. 

The outcomes will be:

  • A greater understanding of why our team is stronger because of the experiences we have through our age diversity,

  • Breaking down stereotypes and preconceptions related to age,

  • Improved team effectiveness through understanding the skills and contributions individuals can make,

  • Team members feeling a stronger sense of inclusion and belonging,

  • Team members knowing whom they can turn to when they have an issue.


Introductory Price


Valid until June 30, 2024

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