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Joining ProAge will help you attract and retain an age-diverse talent pool, critical to your long-term business success. Becoming an age-friendly employer will help you meet your ESG goals by providing employment opportunities to older workers, who do not enjoy equal access to the labour market.​

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Book Shelf

Membership Benefits:

  • Free Age and Anti-Ageism Training for staff​

  • Free age inclusion diagnostic

  • Access to a network of organisations
    working on age inclusion​

  • Visibility on our website​

  • ProAge Community Member badge​

  • Invitations to exclusive ProAge member events and webinars​

  • Access to our library of How To Guides​

  • Supporting a UK charity.​


For organisations with more than100 employees


For organisations with fewer than100 employees

Join Us

Join us in creating an age inclusive workplace where society, employers, and individuals all benefit.

Our Founding 

Oakleaf Partnership

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We need to tap into the skills and experience of workers over 50, if we are to address the skills shortages experienced in many sectors of the economy today. Being an age-inclusive employer helps us attract and retain the talent we need to innovate and grow profitability. As an organisation specialising in HR recruiting, we believe we can make a big difference changing the culture of organisations across the country by supporting ProAge in raising awareness about the need for greater age inclusion in the workplace.” Richard Colgan, Founder and CEO Oakleaf Partnership.

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