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Ageism occurs whenever age is used to diminish the competency and capability of another. It is often thought of as something impacting older people, but it can affect us at any point throughout our lives, after all, age is the one characteristic we all have in common.

Ageism impacts how we think, feel, and act towards others. It is far more widely tolerated than other forms of discrimination, normalised sometimes by the things we say about ourselves. It can be challenging to notice and navigate when it happens subtly or is embedded into existing structures.


In the workplace, ageism can present itself in many different forms and can seriously impact individual wellbeing and company culture.

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Today's workforce today is multigenerational; that's a fact. Even so, many organisations are risking so much by not using age as a lens when thinking about recruitment, retention and progression. 

We always get such brilliant feedback from our amazing Pro Age Inclusion training, most recently:
"I found the ageism discussions thoroughly engaging and really took away from this the need to remove bias in recruitment, training our teams and supporting them"

Mike's approach to training is so completely inclusive, he puts everyone at ease. The sessions pepper in so many small changes that all organisations can make, which can have such HUGE impacts. Our audiences always leave feeling really inspired to act straight away.

Cat Wildman
Founder of Powered by Diversity

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At ProAge we have created a 90-minute training that has been certified by CPD. Our training is delivered in a workshop format that combines a mix of learning and doing. Participants are invited to share their experiences and work together to brainstorm ideas to create a more age inclusive workplace.

By attending our training, you and your employees will have: 

  • The ability to define ageism and articulate how it happens in everyday work situations, often unconsciously  

  • A greater understanding of how ageism affects the individual and others around them  

  • A stronger understanding and connection between managers and employees 

  • An action plan to create a more age-inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive. 

This training is designed for groups of up to 30 participants for £700

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