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ProAge welcomes Coca-Cola Europacific Partners as a Founding Member


There are great benefits for organisations that embrace age inclusion and multigenerational working including: greater innovation, skills diversity, higher employee retention, mentoring opportunities, and a strong talent pipeline. A study conducted the London School of Economics and Protivity found that 87% of employees reported high productivity levels in firms with intergenerationally-inclusive work practices, compared to just 58% from firms without these practices*.

Not only are age-inclusive companies more productive, but they also have access to a greater pool of talent. Demographic changes in society now mean that workers over the age of 50 are the fastest growing segment of the UK labour market, and 79% of employers in England state that older workers could help in knowledge and skill sharing**.

I am really excited that Coca-Cola Europacific Partners is now officially a founding member of ProAge, a UK charity dedicated to age inclusion in the workplace. 
ProAge is on a mission to help businesses like ours create age-inclusive workplaces. By becoming a founding member, we are demonstrating our commitment to fostering a culture where every individual, regardless of age, can thrive and contribute their unique strengths. 
As part of the partnership, we will have the opportunity to collaborate with other forward-thinking companies, share best practices, and contribute to thought leadership that drives positive change in the workplace. 
As the lead for our multi-generation pillar here at CCEP, I am really excited about the impact we can make as a founding member of ProAge and look forward to working closely with them over the coming months.

Bruno Misseeuw.jpeg

Bruno Misseeuw
Chief Information Officer
Great Britain Business Unit

“Having one of the world’s best loved brands demonstrate their commitment to being an age inclusive employer will be an inspiration to others. I hope CCEP’s leadership will encourage more organisations to look at their business practices and see what they can do to provide opportunities to people of all ages to contribute and be included”. says Mike Mansfield, CEO of ProAge.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please follow this link.

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