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Maguire Training joins ProAge as a Founding Member 


Our relationship with work is changing, we are more open to working longer and exploring new career options than ever before. In fact, research by Aegon shows that only a quarter of people see retirement as a hard stop; the majority view it as some form of transition, where they will carry on working beyond the traditional retirement age. Our reasons for continuing to work are positive, driven by an enjoyment of working life (57%) and the desire to keep our minds active (54%).  

In a career that spans four or five decades, one where the pace of change is increasing, both employers and employees need to invest in life-long learning, so that we continue to develop and grow, stay relevant in the job market, and open the possibilities for starting that career of choice in later life. Learning is one of the essential building blocks in making sure that we stay ‘employable’ as we get older. It is fundamental to us being able to earn a living, so that we can enjoy today and plan for the future.  

The appetite for learning, growth and personal development is as strong as ever as we grow older. Consequently, it is vital that employers continue to provide workers over 50 with the opportunities for training and development as a key part of their overall employee development strategy. Workers over the age of 50 are every bit as likely to want to develop new skills and gain new knowledge as their younger colleagues and with retirement horizons extending outwards, they also realise the professional importance of life-long learning. As an organisation specialising in employee development, Maguire Training is proud to support the work of ProAge in promoting age inclusion in the workplace.

David Rickersey
Founder & Chief Learning Officer
Maguire Training

“Maguire Training have supported ProAge from the beginning of our journey. We are delighted to welcome them onboard as a Founding Member and are excited to announce that we will be offering 25 courses on leadership and management, developed by Maguire Training, to our members in the coming months.” says Mike Mansfield, CEO at ProAge. 

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member, please follow this link  

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