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Group therapy

Improving Staff Retention

Through engaging conversations with older employees

Employees in their 50's frequently feel overlooked and underutilised in their careers.

Meanwhile, managers and HR professionals are often feel ill equipped to have conversations with older employees about their place in the company.


One thing is for certain though, in today's short labour market, it is essential for leaders and businesses to retain the skills and expertise that they already have in house.


ProAge believe that there is significant opportunity to utilise over 50's knowledge and skills so that they can continue to be strong contributors to the company mission.

Did you know?

That 76% of employers struggle to find
the talent they need?

At ProAge we have curated a two day retreat to help companies improve employee retention by empowering managers to have open conversations and progressive career development conversations with their older employees.

The outcomes will be:

  • Stronger connection between manager and employee

  • Better alignment of personal, departmental and corporate goals

  • Higher employee engagement

  • Higher staff retention rates 

For a bespoke offer please contact

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