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Multigenerational Employee Resource Groups

Companies have Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) on various different topics, including race, gender, sexual orientation and disability, but few have one that focuses on the benefits of a multigenerational workforce or on supporting older workers.  

As managers and HR professionals, it can be challenging to unite and engage workers from different generations. One of the reasons for this is because employees of different ages can have varying perspectives and needs based on their life-stage, as well as their personal and business experience.  


At ProAge, we recommend giving employees the opportunity to create an ERG. This will give them a collective voice and a channel through which they can raise issues that are important to them, helping to promote an inclusive work culture.  

What is an ERG?

  • It is both a bottom-up and top-down employee group that fosters inclusivity and provides members with a safe space to connect and raise issues that affect them in the workplace

  • A great place for multiple generations to share their knowledge and skills

  • A space to provide feedback and stimulate open conversations between employees and managers

For an ERG that is focused on age-inclusivity, examples of important topics for the group could be: voicing concerns to management teams on ageism, educating members on the importance of inclusive language, or, brainstorming positive changes that could be implemented in the workplace to help people of all ages.  

Additionally, it can be beneficial for ERGs to organise events and other appropriate activities to bring awareness to the efforts on their topics.  

ERGs can benefit your business by: 

  • Boosting productivity and increasing skill sets of employees. 

  • Demonstrating your commitment to becoming an inclusive employer.  

  • Driving innovation with positive changes that make employees more comfortable. 

  • Fostering a diverse workforce.

Click the link below to download our How-To Guide for setting up an Employee Resource Group. If you would like tailored support, ProAge is here to help you establish an ERG that will benefit your company. For a free consulation please email us at

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