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The Case for Age-Inclusion in a World of Changing Demographics

Population ageing and demographic change are impacting the way we live and work. As individuals, we need to reimagine our relationship with work so that we can find ways to continue working in meaningful jobs and can be financially secure over the course of our lives. As company leaders, we need to take steps to adapt, so that we can access the skills we need to take full advantage of the business opportunities of the future by embracing a multigenerational workforce. 

Image of the front cover of our report buiding the case for age inclusion in a world of changing demographics

Our report, written in collaboration with Membership World, builds the case for greater age inclusion in the workplace. We show how the impact of demographics are changing the way we live and work and how these changes are putting our pension system under increased financial strain. We build the case for a multigenerational workforce by highlighting findings from the recent OECD report Retaining Talent at All Ages and show how Saga has embraced age inclusion to improve customer engagement and offer opportunities to their employees. The report concludes with a set of recommendations to help companies on their journey to becoming more age inclusive.

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