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The Future Leaders Pledge

We want to create more age-inclusive workplaces by working with the change makers of the future to help them see the benefits of working in multi-generational teams. We believe that such teams provide greater insight, are more productive and help grow talent by sharing experiences that are valuable in life.

Our aim is to have 2,500 Future Leaders from across all industries sign our pledge. In return for their commitment to us, we will help them in their career by offering the following encouragement and support:

  • Match the future leader with a mentor from outside their company who can help guide them in their career and be a sounding board to talk through decisions they have to make. The relationship will last for a minimum of one year and the mentor can either be someone from their own industry or another field, offering a different perspective.

  • Access to the ProAge library of online leadership training courses developed by our partners Maguire Training.

  • Free participation in our Age and Anti-Ageism workshop that will be offered once a quarter.

  • Access to ProAge events and webinars. 

We are asking the business leaders of the future to sign a pledge to be age-inclusive in the work they are doing and as they progress in their career.

I pledge to:

  1. Be an ambassador for age inclusion in the workplace, so that people of all ages and at different stages in their career have the opportunities they need to thrive.​

  2. Speak out when I see ageist behaviour and cases of age discrimination.

  3. Interview candidates that reflect the diversity of age and background represented in the communities that we operate and clients we serve.

  4. Listen to and include the perspectives of people from different generations and backgrounds in making decisions. 

  5. Treat team members fairly and equitably by helping them make the right career choices for them based on their personal circumstances or stage of life.

  6. Seek out a mentor from a different generation to guide me in my career.

If you would like to pledge to become a future leader, please fill out the form.

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